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Job title: Knowledge Coordinator

Islamic Development Bank (IDB)


Apply before: 28 February, 2010.



To lead the transformation of IDB Group into a knowledge institution by working closely with the Group business entities to identify, capture, process, store, and disseminate tacit and explicit knowledge in order to meet various operational needs of the Bank Group and ensure that the outputs from various knowledge products appeal to appropriate audiences - internal and external - through effective knowledge transfer.



  • Coordinates the development and implementation of the enterprise-wide KM plan, strategy, policy and guidelines
  • Coordinates the streamlining and harmonization of KM activities across the IDB Group business entities
  • Establishes and maintains regular communications with knowledge anchors across the IDB Group to determine their emerging needs as well as to identify good practices for dissemination across the IDB Group
  • Works closely with development partners and Member Countries to identify knowledge and best practices that are relevant to the mission and objectives of the IDB Group
  • Develops and maintains in coordination with concerned party, e.g. IT Department, BEST Program, an appropriate IT infrastructure for a knowledge repository system to store knowledge created and acquired for reuse
  • Contributes to, recommends and enhances the development of appropriate KM systems, tools and techniques to produce reliable KM solutions for IDB's operational needs


  • Minimum of 10 years of proven experience in related activities , of which 3+ years in international institution(s), or in Non-Governmental Organizations;
  • A good understanding of the internal processes of the multilateral development banks
  • Working knowledge and understanding of KM systems, policies, procedures and practices of Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs)

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