Training Presentation: Community of Practice (COP) Content Management

Content management is one of those essential skills that every community of practice (COP) facilitator must learn if the COP they manage is to grow and prosper. This 16 slide PowerPoint training presentation will give you the basic skills and tips you need to be successful in this area.

The file can be downloaded below.

I have removed all background graphics and kept the theme simple to allow others to apply their own themes to this training presentation.

Here are the training standards for this presentation:

1. Understand what content is and why a COP needs it.
2. Understand the need for seed content.
3. Understand what kind of seed content a COP should start with.
4. Understand examples of content COP members like almost universally.
5. Understand examples of content COP members do not in general like.
6. Understand techniques to use when displaying COP content to members.
7. Understand the need to weed content.

This presentation and the support guide are released for use under the following license:

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