This book is not meant to be an academic text on the subject of knowledge transfer, but a practical guide book designed to transfer my extensive first hand experiential knowledge about knowledge transfer operations directly to you as a leader, for use in your organization.

I have deliberately kept this book non-technical so you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make use of it. If you apply what you learn here in a common sense way to your organization it will make your organization far more successful at what it does than an organization that doesn’t, and as a bonus it will also substantially improve human communications throughout your organization as well.

Note: While written for U.S. military leaders a large percentage of what is covered in this eBook is just as applicable to to non-military personnel and their organizations as shown in the table of contents below.


Table of Contents:

  • Cover
  • Copyright and usage information
  • Dedication Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1 - Knowledge and Experience Transfer
  • Chapter 2 - Structured Socialization and Social Learning
  • Chapter 3 - On the Battlefield and in the Classroom
  • Chapter 4 - Impediments to Military Knowledge Transfer
  • Chapter 5 - Communities of Practice
  • Chapter 6 - Wikis
  • Chapter 7 - Knowledge Transfer by Gaming
  • Chapter 8 - Missed Opportunities
  • Appendex A - Ten Military Knowledge Sharing Principles
  • Appendex B - Knowledge Transfer Checklist
  • Appendex C - Recommended Reading
  • About the Author

eBook reader versions are also available for free from my website at:


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