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So I'm relatively new to the working in the nonprofit sector and I've been exploring the idea of pursuing capacity building funds (primarily/exclusively) for KM, particularly the acquisition and/or development of a knowledge management system (although I’d also like to include various KM trainings for our program offices in the countries we serve). 

I’m curious to know if anyone has had experience – both successful and not – pursuing funding for KM activities (specifically with regards to the development of a knowledge or content management system) and the approach/model used.  Additional details which would be helpful:

  • In terms of scope, content and/or audience, what types of systems have been or are being developed? And what is the “life” of these systems – are they project/program specific or meant to be capacity building endeavors?
  • What are some best practices and/or lessons learned from these experiences? Challenges?

I also think this information would make a great research article and I’m more than happy to compile what I learn and share.



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Hi Christian, 

Thanks for posting this question. Sorry that I dont have the answer for you as I'm in exactly the same situation like you are. 

In case you receive any source of information and repply I'll be glad to have a look to also benefit from it as well. 

Good luck! 

Best regards,


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