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  • So far, after exploring the attributes of Knowledge from the literatures within  classical mechanism aspect as well as quantum mechanism (quantum Knowledge) aspect, we realized that Knowledge commonly always treated as object only (Scientific Knowledge), without treated as having consciousness or as subject despite narrated in comprehensive manner (  - KM model framework by Nature ). It is considered that lack of awareness of being skewed to the right paradigm within Science evolution continuum is the causal factor.To get the idea regarding the domain of Knowledge within Science evolution continuum, should you visit  - “Knowledge is the edge of Science” and  - “Analysing three versions of Knowledge Management Evolution”


  • Considering Knowledge behaving as subject, having consciousness and “free will”as our main operational postulate in KM, it is hard in the literatures to find the relationship between Knowledge and Consciousness despite they used Psychology as well as Neuroscience as their tools (  - The study of Human Consciousness : Penrose vs Md Santoand  Mobee Knowledge K-base on Consciousness )


  • In brief we developed our concept of Consciousness applied to Knowledge considering that Human Knowledge is the output of three kinds of Human Knowing tools  or    - “Brief Guide to Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework” )   



  • By definition of our version, Knowledge, in broad meaning (derived from DI – KW (separated) model), is  the product of human and/or nature  knowing tools, evolved as emergent property  inside human being and/or  nature body acting as complex system having consciousness, alive and behaving as subject with freewill....( Mobee Knowledge K-base  , Md Santo,  - “KM model framework by Nature”


  • Further we validate the term of broad meaning (Human) Knowledge into Nature Knowledge varies from quantum physics domain throughout classical mechanism physics namely to highest human knowing tools level represented by Human Knowledge with Higher Consciousness (KHC). On Human Knowledge with their types of their Consciousness, visit the following links - Description of Human System Bio-based KM (HSBKM) model framework  and  - KM model framework by Nature.


  • The value of Nature Knowledge as well as Human Knowledge will be represented by what we coined the term Knowledge Value (KV). By definition,  Knowledge Value (KV) which is derived from Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework is Weighting Score (WS) method using Thurstone scale ( ratio level scaling technique that incorporates the intensity structure among indicators) ranging from 10 -38 as Planck number applied to Knowon (Psychic / Consciousness Mediating Particle) as fifth fundamental force of nature independent to SpaceTime (IST) and counterparting Graviton (Somato Mediating Particle) as fourth fundamental force (Boson force) throughout WS = 5.0 as Human Knowledge with Higher Consciousness (KHC).  KV is mean to assessing Nature Knowledge consciousness within Knowledge (K) continuum in the Universe all at once complementing  E (Energy) and M (Matter) in the Universe


  • By definition, Knowon, as we coined the name, is a hypothetical particle that mediates the force of Knowledge in the framework of quantum field theory but independent to SpaceTime factor causing entanglement effect in quantum mechanics and particle physics. We speculate that Knowon is the candidate of “Psychic (Consciousness) Mediating Particle” of the Universe with noted that Graviton, the counterparted particle, is the “Somato Mediating Particle” of the Universe mostly found as Dark Matter of the Universe.  The word “Somato” means affecting or characteristic of the Body as opposed to the Psycho or Consciousness. The Knowon must be massless (because Knowledge force has unlimited range) and seems do not related with or at least don’t have spin quantum number as the other mediating particles considering that Knowon independent to SpaceTime. Considering that Knowon behaving as independent to SpaceTime, we considered it as  bizarre or unsettling in nature which  is sound reasonable if we called Knowon as “hypothetical conscious massless particle” having responsibiity in quantum entanglement phenomenon in which Einstein mentioning as “spooky action at a distance”  


  • We will further planning to publish a special full paper article regarding the issues above mentioned circa next November 2011 after giving  presentation about the topic around “Knowledge Management – Theoretical Physics connection” at the  “The International Conference on Mathematics and Science “ – Surabaya Institute of Technology (ITS) 12-13 October 2011, Surabaya – Indonesia



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