Hi All

Just joined the group, and new to KM, so be gentle with me

Currently,  engaged on a 6 months internship with a
development charity. By way of an introduction into what we are attempting, is
to create a knowledge sharing portal, that will be accessed by all who share the
same objectives as ourselves,

I have been tasked with

Researching best practice approaches to knowledge management and developing an
appropriate proposal regarding a way forward with specific
reference to:

Ways in which knowledge can be efficiently shared

Considerations regarding intellectual property (IP) risks,

Evaluating opportunities for hosting tools online and managing a
project to achieve this.

As to the current status of this task, as I have never heard of KM strategies
before, I am having to learn as I go, and evaluation of my learning into ways
that could benefit the organisation. As a result, to date I have established the

1. Differences between data, information, knowledge, and tacit and explicit
knowledge, that in order to build up a successful KMS, I need to create a
knowledge map, of where knowledge is located, who owns it, what business issues
it addressees. In terms of knowledge maps, and knowledge mapping, the info
gleaned to date, centers on those 3 categories of Kmaps, namely enterprise
kmaps, cross functional, and process explicit kmaps, and within these categories
there are seven different types of individual maps, that focuses on the type of
expertise, and knowledge – I think at least

2. In terms of knowledge base, for storing the knowledge, there are two types,
namely human and machine readable – machine-readable includes the likes of
organisation servers, and databases, and human readable I think prequates to
documents and websites. As to the best type of system for our organisation, I
was thinking that the knowledge needs to be on a website, we don't want to put
the knowledge behind username/password, because the time and cost constraints,
but we also need to be cautious of IP risks

I was wondering if there are any other information sources, that i could tap
into, or groups that i could join, that will not only enlighten me further about
KM, but also assist me in developing our KM program; if not even just to say
that i gathering the right information.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts, in the coming days,


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