Back in 2008 I was tasked to design, put together and instruct a one week certified training course for the U.S. Army for new facilitators of online communities of practice.

I have decided to make selected training presentations, with appropriate updates and modification for the civilian world, available to all my fellow KM colleagues.

My first 16 slide PowerPoint training presentation release is titled “Moderating Community of Practice (COP) Discussions” and gives training on how to moderate online conversations.

I have removed all background graphics and kept the theme simple to allow others to apply their own themes to this training presentation.

I will be happy to respond to any questions you have about it that are posted in this online forum. It would be nice to get some feedback on this…..

Here are the training standards for this presentation:

  1. Understand the definition of moderation.
  2. Understands what a moderator wants to achieve.
  3. Understands what constitutes good discussions.
  4. Understands what a moderator is.
  5. Understands what a moderator does and what a moderator tries to grow.
  6. Understands moderator behavior.
  7. Be able to explain how a moderator should handle a “bad” member discussion post.
  8. Be able to explain how to handle a discussion post you know for certain is flat wrong or misleading.
  9. Be able to explain what to do with a posted member question that has received no answer from the CoP membership or subject matter experts (SMEs).
  10. Be able to explain what to do with a discussion that is posted to an inappropriate area of the CoP.
  11. Be able to explain what to do with a CoP conversation that is no longer relevant, obsolete or very dated.

This presentation is released for use under the following license:

You can download this PowerPoint presentation file below.

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