Nature Knowledge Theory – based the Structure of Knowledge Management as Educational Science

  • Postulated through :  .....“We are Knowledge Management (KM) - regulated by Nature  (“natural world”) , and by nature (“character or kind”) we are Knowledge Management (KM) model”....(Md Santo, 2009) and within Nature Knowledge Theory (NKT), Knowledge considered as fabric of the Universe beside Matter and Energy. Nature as well as nurtured Knowledge system (KM) assumed as high end or sophisticated product  within Universe evolution
  • Nature Knowledge Theory (NKT) -  is a  theory developed and based on adoption to paradigm of  “The Universe or the Nature Knowledge is the source and center of Consciousness” rather than “Mind Brain or Human Being is the source and center of Consciousness”   Nature Knowledge Theory (NKT) considering  the Universe as an animate and psycho-somatic being. We believed the development of NKT model framework and its derivatives will facilitate the processes on how we will  be  able to unify general relativity and quantum mechanics toward Theory of Everything (TOE). The basic consideration in using NKT based on simple rational of human living reality, ...” The Universe knows something we don't. And it acts on cosmic scales”..... (visit our K-base )
  • As NKT derivatives, we treat our Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework and Mobee Knowledge Competency Capability Maturity (MKCCM) as KM metrics  assumed as examples of high end products of Universe evolution to be reverse engineered by our Inverted Paradigm Method (IPM). Treating with IPM on basis of evidence based empirically intended to studying the end results of evolution process of Universe  and to somewhat greater extend to reconstruct some aspects of the history of Universe by means of at least Theoretical Physics as well as Astro Physics

We came up with two folds of Teaching and Learning comprehensions on KM as educational science :

1.   - “Time Line of Mobee Knowledge Services – (April 2012 edition”

2.  - “Teaching and Learning Process variables within Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework” :


Happy teaching and learning!

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