It's amazing the overwhelming force with which old paradigms persist in settling the face of new technologies in the knowledge era, since some emerging concepts flooded our writings such as articles, studies, dissertations and theses. Among the concepts is one that revolutionized the way to establish the parameters of where, why, and to store that information - CLOUD COMPUTING. And many questions arise. Who are the information? How to think safety aspects of the data? Access? If a world where everyone is concerned about the mass use of our address as a way of advertising and marketing of products and services, such as ensuring that public servants are free, honest, upright. It's a risk. The way - own servers, internal structure, expertise location technology and cloud computing.


But there is a consensus about the concept not so much privacy and adopt this methodology still needs to be revised. The truth is that the concept is still clouds our reason, it also awakens a thought that is revolutionary, and why not say innovative.



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