Recruiting and Managing the Community of Practice (COP) Support Team

One of the major reasons communities of practice (COP) often fail, or become less successful than they should, is that the facilitator does not recruit a volunteer support team to assist in daily operations of the COP. Passionate volunteers from among the members can often mean the difference between a highly successful COP and a mediocre one.

This 12 slide PowerPoint training session is designed to train you on almost everything you need to know to recruit and manage a volunteer support team for your COP. As a bonus I also include an example “Guide for the Community of Practice (COP) Support Team Member” in MS Word format which I have modified and updated for the civilian world which I used on several of my own military COPs for a number of years. Please feel free to modify and use this example guide as the basis for your own.

I have removed all background graphics and kept the theme simple to allow others to apply their own themes to this training presentation.

I will be happy to respond to any questions you have about it that are posted in this online forum. It would be nice to get some feedback on this and hear about your own experiences with using volunteers…..

Here are the training standards for this presentation:

  1. Define the term “volunteer” and discuss the importance of volunteerism to the COP
  2. Discuss why the monitor should recruit a support team for the COP
  3. Discuss why volunteers are preferable to designated or conscripted personnel/Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  4. Identify where to recruit new members and volunteers
  5. Identify how to recruit from the membership
  6. Explain how to manage support team members
  7. Discuss the need for a COP support team recognition program
  8. Share and discuss multiple real world examples where of support team recruitment and management
  9. Explain if they have recruited COP support team members and, if not, why not
  10. Identify ways to get someone to volunteer
  11. Identify and discuss techniques for dealing with an inactive support team
  12. Identify and discuss techniques to reward or recognize support team members

This presentation and the support guide are released for use under the following license:

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