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As we are closing in on August and the changing of the guard - for the administration of the KM4Dev mailing list - is about to happen, find hereby an overview of what happened in July, on the mailing list and on Ning, in terms of conversations/resources, new members (and their orientation) and what happens next month... 
Sorry if this is a bit long... 
Conversations and resources
The following conversations took place (from most recent to least recent - links drive to you the corresponding KM4Dev Dgroup page) - and in bold are the active conversations (7+ messages):
Hereby the 'monoposts' with only one post and no reply (it could have been a missed opportunity): 
On Ning, a couple of new resources appeared:
And one new blog post:
People (new members)
They have joined us this month (on the Dgroup):
  • Allyson Krupar
  • Casper Knudsen
  • Abigail Moy
  • Alan Mossman
  • Ehma Mundzai
  • James Breithaupt
  • Martin Gilbraith
  • Hildegarddebingen
  • David Friedman
  • Biswo Nat Ghimire
  • David Williams
  • Sarah Burns
  • Sue Griffey
  • Helke Waelde
...and brought our members count to 1949 on Dgroups!
And on Ning (sometimes they are the same as above):
Welcome to you all!
We don't really have an orientation package, but this page is perhaps as good as it gets at the moment (in addition to posting questions on this list and talking to any member and particular core group members to figure out what KM4Dev is all about): http://wiki.km4dev.org/Thinking_About_Our_Community
Next month
In August, your 'gentils organisateurs' (GO's) for the month will be Reza Salim and Nancy White. Ha ha, they were also your GO's for July, so you're in good hands ;)
Keep on learning, reflecting and sharing your practices, thoughts and feelings :)
The July admin team

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