The making of “Knowledge Management – Philosophy of Science – Theoretical Physics” Triangle

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Introduction : Material and Method

Our Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework as well as our Mobee Knowledge Competency Capability Maturity (MKCCM) model as Knowledge Management (KM) metrics which we have been used since 2009 for the consultancies, could be considered as our solid and robust Knowledge - intensive “laboratory and experimental workplace 2.0” for further another possibility study. In this case, we used them as tools through “Inverted Paradigm Method (IPM) ” (Basic Science derived from Applied Science), a kind of “reverse engineering” through Knowledge intensive stuff as solution to the “symptom of the End of Science”, a symptom where Science  get difficulties in seeking relevant solution

The resulting process of our efforts to performing IPM on either HSBKM or MKCCM making us quite succeeded in developing theoretical constructs derived from KM applied to Physics namely in Theoretical and/or Astro Physics


Brief overview of Philosophy of Science (see also : (in pdf) - Guide to Inverted Paradigm method –KM applied to discovering new Theoretical Physics findings)

 The essence of conventional or classical scientific mindset shown by step-by-step “deducto – hypothetico – verificative” way of thinking. But, within “Inverted Paradigm Method (IPM)” totally change in opposite direction........( to read more, see the Attachment or goto URL )

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