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• Posted by Md Santo on May 23, 2010 at 9:33am

In recent years, regarding the phenomenon of convergence between web as platform with others platform mainly derived from IT/ICT, we observe many types of Management (tool) type being exposed as “KM’s rivalries” or “KM competitors” Why it could happened? Let’s take a look for examples : Internal Communication vs KM, Social Media vs KM, Business Intelligence vs KM, Balanced Score Card vs KM, Information Management vs KM, Business Process Reengineering vs KM, Content Management vs KM, Document Management vs KM etc

The answer is because people treat KM as an ordinary management technique with similar level as other management tool types. But, considering the following comprehensive special understanding on KM, the situation will be entirely different. The following are the answers :

First, by contextually-driven KM definition, Knowledge Management (KM) essentially is not management technique but behaving more as an access mechanisms that can be used across any management tool type such as Total Quality Management, Learning Organization, Benchmarking, Process Classification Framework, Business Process Reengineering, Balanced Scorecard, Business Intelligence including Social Media platforms etc. wherein each with their specific functions to be orchestrated under KM’s consciousness. So, here we put KM in incredibly broad meaning as subject with higher level than any other management tool type which is treated only as object ( ) From eastern concept, Knowledge with broad meaning also known as Noor or “Light” (Note 1 : The basic paradigm supported contextually-driven KM definition is our DI – KW model - )

Second, through content-driven KM definition, we described KM as “Human Enlightenment Process-based KM Definition” through the link and in which KM defined as follow :
1. KM is the staging of Human Enlightenment Process
2. The process is to managing the transformation of Information content as object into Knowledge and beyond as subject (KW concept noted as narrow meaning)
3. The goals are towards Learning, Growth and Innovation
4. The management should leveraged by KM Standards, KM Tools and KM Process Frameworks

I hope through comprehensive understanding on KM above mentioned, it is no longer need again to put KM in rivalry position against many kinds of management tool types (Note 2 : To get more comprehensive insight should you visit Mobee Knowledge Base explaining our Human System Biology-based KM - )

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I think it's certainly true to say that knowledge management has now broadened tremendously, and it now embraces a truly diverse family of techniques and approaches. I recently recorded a short "What is Knowledge management" video for YouTube ( ) - but it took me nearly 3 minutes to describe it!

I don't see rivalry as an inevitable consequence of this breadth though. Most of the rivalry I have observed arises from consultants pursuing a particular agenda, seeking to downplay the relevance of the tools in which they lack expertise. If I'm completely honest, I've probably been guilty of that in the past too!

I completely agree with you that KM can be at its most powerful when it is used to in combination with other (non-KM) management approaches:
Benchmarking is far more engaging when combined with communities, peer-assists and offers and requests.
Project management is more intelligent when underpinned with learning before, during and after.
Talent management strategies are more effective when illuminated by organisational (or social) network analysis.
Change management is more inclusive and sustainable when opened-up for continuous feedback through social media.

Perhaps it's time we stopped viewing KM as the "main dish", and thought of it as a set of ingredients which bring out the flavour of the entire menu!

Chris Collison

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