Could the link below be somehow useful for the group organizing  discussion on conceptualization of knowledge management

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Thanks for the resource Fanos! 

Quite interesting tutorial. I don't know if I should step in to this conversation about what is knowledge management or not just yet... I will refrain for a while. There are a lot of resources out there, including on KM4Dev and particularly on the 'community knowledge' wiki which is full of gems unearthed from conversations taking place on the mailing list:



Ok, I refrained from chipping in for a while so now I can engage.

Here are a couple of posts that help frame this question - they're about 'what is knowledge, information etc.' which comes in the way soon enough in KM:

I think KM goes way beyond information and thus looks crucially at knowledge sharing. So KM covers at least two different aspects: information management and knowledge sharing. I would personally add (social) learning to it.

At its simplest, my favourite definition for KM is 'ensuring great conversations that get your job done'. I would add to this the learning and documentation (information management) to have the following definition:

Knowledge management is about ensuring great conversations that get your job done, leave nuggets behind (for those that couldn't participate) and stimulate critical thinking for permanent adaptation and improvement.


Any views?


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