Hi Everyone, I will be in Utrecht the weekend 2-5 October and am planning to catch a train to Brussels on Monday 5 October. Is anyone going to the workshop from NL? Will be nice to have company in my journey, or even sharing petrol if someone is going by car. Let me know. Cheers, Cris

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Cristina, Lilia E and I will be coming on Monday from Enschede (sp?) - I don't know the route yet, but Lilia would!
Hi Cris

Train is easy from Utrecht centraal (departs 3 minutes past the hour, platform 8) change in Rotterdam centraal (platform 4)... takes approx 2 hours 35 mins.

see: http://www.ns.nl/reisplanner-v2/index.shtml

Enschede is not so easy ....


Cristina, we will be passing Utrecht on the way from Enschede, so it should be possible to go together. Don't know the schedule yet - lets get in touch a bit closer to the date.
I will be going to Brussels on Monday from Utrecht as well. Probably by train. I now have a meeting at 3pm that I will try to set earlier. Would be nice to have some copany in the train!
Cristina, Elisabeth, just to let you know about our plans: Nancy and me are going to Brussels by car on 5th October, but via Germany (given the traffic jams in the West of the Netherlands it makes more sense from Enschede). If you want to join for the way back on 8 October I can go via Netherlands since it's less time critical...


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