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Sarah Cummings
Knowledge Ecologist
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Academic/Research, Individual/Consultant
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Online Facilitation, Social Network Analysis, Research, Knowledge Capture, Information Management, Workshop Facilitation, KM Strategies, Thematic/Knowledge Networks
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music (rock)

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  • Nadejda Loumbeva

    Sarah, was good to see you and chat at the workshop. Ivan and I have decided to give an article on the role of business/corporations in knowledge management for development a good go ... We will see how that goes. Hope it will work! See you soon, best, Nadia
  • John Emeka Akude

    Dear Sarah,

    I was reading something about how to submit manuscripts for publication in the Knowledge Management 4 Development Journal and saw that April is the month for starting the submission process for the September publication. Am I welcome to join the process now despite the fact that it is apparently too late? Cheers, John

  • Ramesh Adhikari Tharu

    Hi friend