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Washington Workshop

Knowledge Sharing for Development: A Learning Activity
June 24-25, 2004
Washington, DC
Sponsored by Bellanet, GDN, GTZ, UNDP, USAID, and World Bank


Knowledge Sharing (KS) is seen increasingly in the development community as an integral part of improving the quality of its work. Organizations such as UNDP, CIDA, USAID, WHO, the World Bank, and numerous NGOs have launched knowledge sharing initiatives with interconnected goals: improving the sharing of knowledge internally; sharing knowledge with and learning from partners and clients; and building the capacity of clients to more effectively access, adapt, and apply knowledge to local conditions. This growing interest is reflected by the emergence and growth of a community of practice, facilitated by Bellanet, on �Knowledge Management for Development� (KM4Dev) that brings together more than 300 practitioners from around the world.
However, the interest among development organizations has changed from a general curiosity about what others were doing in the field to a strong desire for acquiring concrete skills that will enable their staff to apply those skills to actual KS programs. The proposed workshop is designed to respond to this demand for capacity building within organizations.


The objectives of the workshop are threefold: 1) To learn in-depth about the experiences of development organizations and how they have applied KS to improve their effectiveness; 2) To build the capacity of clients and partners, with a strong focus on developing specific skills in KS competencies; and 3) To develop �open source� workshop content that will be improved upon by workshop participants and others who can use it freely in the future.


The workshop will focus on the practical aspects of knowledge sharing for development: the specific strategies, tools, and methodologies that have proven effective for development organizations by enabling the flow of the �right knowledge to the right person at the right time.� It will also explore the inherent challenges that arise and concrete ways of responding to them. Please see the agenda for more details. Agenda (Draft)


This face-to-face workshop will be designed to improve the skills of participants to develop knowledge sharing strategies, utilize various knowledge sharing tools, and apply innovative methodologies to increase their effectiveness. KS specialists from different organizations will deliver the content using an approach that combines short presentations with small group exercises.

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