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Call for proposals KM4Dev journal on best practices in information and data management for development

Call for Papers for the KM4Dev Journal:

Open research, open data, and your development organization: Best practices in information and data management for development

The Knowledge Management for Development Journal (KM4D Journal) is a peer-reviewed community-based journal on knowledge management for development – for and by development practitioners, researchers and policymakers. The journal is closely related to the KM4Dev community of practice…


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Why Visualize Data?

If a picture is worth thousand words, then what about a neat data visualization? Displaying information in graphics to generate better insights is not a new phenomenon, but, with the advent of technology and increased access to data, it has become far more prominent. Once restricted to analysis of economics, finance, and science, data visualization has emerged as an industry of its own.

There are now multiple tools to visualize…


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Knowledge City World Summit 2016 Knowledge for Development, Vienna, 12-14 October 2016

Please download the programme here:


Please follow the programme link:  http://…


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FREE 25 min webinar - What's Working in Sustainable Agriculture

This free webinar will give you some exciting strategies for Sustainable Agriculture, as well as an effective way to decode your own solutions and share them widely!

Access the webinar immediately here: …


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"Brexit, Bollywood and the need for Assisted Search"

I recently wrote a Blog Post  I think might be of use to members of KM4Dev dealing as it does with the challenges around finding stuff in organisations.

I hope its of use.


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Why I failed, and you don’t have to.

Have you ever pitched your dream? I mean, really got the chance to tell the right people your idea?


I have. And it didn’t turn out quite how I expected.


Let me set the scene for you: Years ago I was working passionately on a project supporting female…


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StayConnecteD4Dev: Community Learning Center

StayConnecteD4Dev: Community Learning Center is a cloud-based solution to promote education,  measurement of impacts,…


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Struggling to get people moving? Fix it with one simple meeting.

Hi fellow KM4Dev-er,

Are you are finding that getting your collaborative partners moving is tough? Especially working across sectors, borders, cultures etc. 

A really good meeting can change that. (Eh? Does such a thing exist?!)

I ran a hugely successful webinar ‘How to run a meeting that inspires your collaborative partners to TAKE ACTION’ recently, and you can now watch it for free until June 6th by answering these 4 short…


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How do you run an inspiring collaborative meeting?

This free webinar will give you a step by step guide of how to design a collaborative meeting for between 10 and 100 people that will leave people inspired, energized and ready to take action.

It will also give you some exercises to use in your own meeting, tailored to your desired outcomes.

Join me on May 3rd, 12pm PST - please register here: …


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As a social change agent - do you ever feel like you are working alone?

Like every time you switch on your computer there is a world of noise about what’s happening ‘out there’, but at the end of the day you (and possibly your team) are trying to reach your goals unsupported?

Over 40 internationally focused nonprofits and social enterprises, from across Oregon in the USA, got together to combat this challenge through collaborating – and I want to help you do the same.

What happened:

Instigated by Anne…


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Some useful KM for Development resources (courtesy of the World Bank Group)

Please find some great resources on KM for Development - courtesy of the World Bank Group - here:

Video How do you manage knowledge in development  

eLearning Course The Art of Knowledge Exchange


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Enquiries on a short Knowledge Management Course in Europe or Asia

Dear colleagues, I am looking a short course on Knowledge Management and Organisational learning in Europe, Asia or Australia that myself and team could attend. Anything between a week to three weeks will be good for us. If there are practical attachment in addition to the course, that will be fantastic.


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A ‘newbie’s guide to Tweet Chat hosting (on Knowledge Capture & Retention)

I first worked in the City in 1972 as a summer intern in the cheque processing arm of Lloyds Bank Ltd.  No typing, just machine minding!

15 years later I was sitting in the machine room of the Marriott Hotel in Jeddah faxing, over an encryted line, a confidential trip memo for my secretary to type up and distribute to selected directors.  Laptops were only just appearing on the market and as for typing, Managers in those days didn’t. If you wanted to communicate confidential…


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You Too, Could be a Recipient

Recently I saw a string of messages on a forum discussing whether we should still be using the term ‘recipient’ in international development.

It started me thinking of a conversation I recently had with a good friend in Rwanda. He told me about how one day when he was a child, he suddenly received a package full of toys. He had no idea where the toys came from or…


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The 11 Things Everyone Should Know About Piloting a Survey

Originally published on the SocialCops Blog

Collecting primary data at any scale is challenging. Though data quality can be difficult to measure, it is crucial to ensure that you are not wasting time on poor quality data. Creating a good survey…


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Youth Women in Community Media and Journalism-the beginning of a new era in rural broadcasting journalism of Bangladesh

  1. 1.      Background Information:

Baishakhy is a familiar face in Jhenaidah, and a more familiar voice. She joined Radio Jhenuk in January 2013 as a volunteer. She later became the host of Hello Jhenaidah, and now a full-time assistant producer and reporter for Radio Jhenuk. However, she prefers introducing herself as the first and only woman journalist of Jhenaidah. Baishakhy says ‘Radio Jhenuk’s ‘Hello Jhenaidah’ is basically a women’s and children’s…


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Community Broadcasting Library set up in every community radio station in Bangladesh

The community broadcasting library is being set up as an essential part of 16 community radio station in Bangladesh. Around 1000 rural broadcasters are directly benefited from the library. Each library acts as a knowledge center to radio…


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Hello All, Please share / use / comment. This KMSMARD course, workshop annex training is build for senior staff and management in agricultural * rural development (ARD). Next to processes within thei…

Hello All,

Please share / use / comment.
This KMSMARD course, workshop annex training is build for senior staff and management in agricultural * rural development (ARD). Next to processes within their organizations they need to manage knowledge in networks, or at least know about the process / method or tool to facilitate knowledge sharing (KS) or ­ transfer (KT). The latter may again indicate learning as focus of KM. Given global financial streams changing…

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Practical presentation with various cases of the KM journey at the U.S. State Department.

Hi all,

For those who missed it, we had a very practical session on KM initiatives at the US Department of State, by career diplomat and innovator Richard Boly, at the monthly KMA DC meet-up. The presentation is now available online:

Be sure to sign up to the…


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