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Looking for new concepts and cases in Knowledge Management (KM) as a subject ?

Explore the content as well as the context of the following links :

  •   - “Time Line of Mobee Knowledge Services – April 2012 edition”
  •   - “Mapping the Secrets of the Universe : complementing bottom-up (CERN – LHC) with top-down (Mobee Knowledge Services) mechanism” – Have a look at the Attachment…

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The future of Science and Technology may depend on our paradigm of Consciousness

Something that most likely will influence the development of Knowledge Management (KM) as well as Science and Technology in the (near) future is the concept of Consciousness as the attribute of Knowledge which is concerned with  2 (two) choices of paradigm.  The first paradigm is “The (smart)  Universe or  Nature Knowledge is the center of…


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Guide to New Taxonomy of Knowledge : Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) – generated

The following are Diagram Matrix  URL   and Mind – Map URL   of New Taxonomy of Knowledge :  Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management…


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Demystifying Knowledge and Knowledge Management 2012

  • In attempt to give impressions how will Knowledge (K) as well as Knowledge Management (KM) in 2012 looks like, we have at least four articles with “2012” taggings for social bookmarking to  explaining the K and/or KM related environment most likely will tend to occur from our version.
  • We choose…

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URL of the Week” from MobeeKnowledge Services

URL of the Week”  from  MobeeKnowledge Services  


  •  “Guide to Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model…

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MobeeKnowledge : Site Map – Taxonomy Metadata Management – Human System Bio-based KM (HSBKM)

The following link  describing MOBEEKNOWLEDGE SITE MAP – SIMPLIFIED TAXONOMY METADATA MANAGEMENT – HUMAN SYSTEM BIO-BASED KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT (HSBKM) model framework as an entity within our Social Networking Site (SNS)  carrying out mission “Toward Next Generation KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 2.0 through Contextual Learning on the issues of…


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Maximum possible amount of Human Knowledge could be kept on current internet 2.0 is 44.44%


The following is our attempt to answering the inquiry on “IS ALL HUMAN KNOWLEDGE ON THE INTERNET?”…

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Most likely, the future of Knowledge Management will be Bio-Nature approach

WE ARE KM-REGULATED BY NATURE vice-versa BY NATURE WE ARE KM MODEL” - is our basic postulate regarding the future of KM


We developed Human System Biology-based KM (HSBKM) model framework, comprising three boundaries of KM regarding their interface with the environment. They are, KM Tools (Techno-based…


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Knowledge is the best candidate as the 3rd basic ingredient of the Universe beside Matter and Energy



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Our version to addressing the Next Gen Knowledge Management

“WE ARE KM-REGULATED BY NATURE, whereas BY NATURE WE ARE KM MODEL” : = Brief guide to understanding our corporate Knowledge Management Social Networking Site

• “Our Top Eleven Knowledge Management related Articles (Dec 20, 2009 through Sept 30, 2010)”. Click them (free clickable and download) from the Main Page of our Social Networking Site (SNS)… Continue

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EVOLUTION Theory of Knowledge Management vs CREATIONISM Theory of Knowledge Management

Cited from Md Santo, 2010 - and indicated that CREATIONISM (“Intelligent Design”) is the nature of KM reality. Md Santo coined the term Human System Biology-based KM for the phenomenon. The basic assumption of… Continue

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Adjusment on our definition of Knowledge

Considering our DI-KW (stands for Data Information Knowledge Wisdom) model, as from Feb 8, 2010 via…


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WEB-BASED KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 2.0 MAP representing a web-based KM 2.0 diagram map from PT Mobee Indonesia as a corporate conducting their KM 2.0 in practice. Needless to say, surely KM is an access mechanism that can be used across any management tool type. So, don't put KM vs SM

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