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Similarities and Differences of knowledge brokering and knowledge management


in relation to the KM4 Dev innovation fund I have blogged on the similarities and differences of KB and KM.

Please find the blogpost here

Please also respond to the surveylink which is located at the bottom of the blogpost. 

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Decentralisation of knowledge interventions (and complexity science)


I finally managed to have a look at all your responses to the "One question" that 51 people answered on my blog. 

Please find the analysis here, which also…

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Decentralisation and knowledge exchange


I spent some time looking at the Wold Bank report on localising development and thought about some of the links with knowledge exchanges in international development. 

Please find the blog post here

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What types of knowledge are most important in international development?


I just analysed the results of a short poll that I ran on the above question. I assume that some of you were among the respondents. I also published the data for you to be able to do your own analysis and discuss some things that I might not…


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What are the most important types of knowledge for international development?

Hello everyone.

in relation to the research project that I am working on I am currently asking the above question on my external blog. I gathered some different types of knowledge that appear in the literature and thought that it would be great to hear what practitioners think about their relevance.

I would highly appreciate if you take a just a minute to answer just one question at the following link (…


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Short "study": Who mostly initiates knowledge exchange processes in international development?


I did a short online questionnaire on the above outlined question and spent some time thinking about the results. The result gave a pretty one-sided picture that could trigger some interesting thoughts with some of you.

I would be very happy to hear them. Find the related blogpost …


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Research Project: Facilitation of Knowledge Exchange in International Development

I am undertaking a research project at the Department of Information Science at Loughborough University, UK. The project has the working title:

'facilitation of knowledge exchange in international development'

This is, of course, a very broad 'statement' but the project is in its infancy and would benefit from everyone's contribution since it is trying to follow a participatory philosophy. At this early stage it would be great to hear people's take on the issue…


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We all get a great deal out of our engagement in KM4Dev. Maybe you would be happy to express appreciation through a regular voluntary contribution. Crowd funding works! 

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