Today is the day of the official inauguration of the Change Journey.
My colleague Vesa Purokuru and I have worked for the last year to present you this meta model to change processes. It does not replace any other model or tool - it incorporates the entire wisdom and knowledge that exists on the dynamics of change processes.

The Change Journey is a radical approach to change. It is based on the paradigm that change in organizations is not a linear path from A to B. As many of us experience, what happens in a change process is largely unpredictable. Our Change Journey Map then helps you to navigate through uncertainty. This Map is inclusive - which means whatever tools and models you are used to can be incorporated. For all of you who are involved in a change process - we invite you to become a fellow traveller!


This is a journey - not a blueprint. Organizations and individuals can only master change processes when they are ready to find their own path. The journey then is constructed from something we already know as well as from that which is unknown. The journey teaches us.

Why do many change projects fail?
Many organizations and legions of management consultants fail to implement sustainable change: they design the process around the tool or model they want to apply. We turn that principle around and encourage leaders to design their specific change model according to the needs that emerge in the change process.

And what can be done?

With the Change Journey Map, we offer a meta model which can accommodate your own methodologies, tools and models. It is a catalyst for dialogue and exploration of different perspectives. Through common thinking, teams are enabled to co-create sustainable actions. Read more about the background of the Change Journey.

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