The effort of designing and setting up new KM systems, such as a portal or a resource center, can be of distraction from normal work processes and habits in an organisation.

 Therefore i am wondering how Will KM disrupt normal work process and habits? Please read around and help me out.

Thank you...!!

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Comment by Precoius Botsele on September 11, 2017 at 10:52pm

Hi leatile....!!


Good KM entails paying attention to what works well or what works better (performance improvement, improvisation, creativity and work innovation) and to continuously reflecting about and learning from work (self-improvement, continuous learning and professional advancement). If a person values productivity, innovation and learning, then he or she will derive personal satisfaction from organizational KM. Using any KM tool that shortens work time or learning curves, reduces chances of mistakes, or enhances quality and productivity of work outputs can be personally satisfying.

 But if knowledge management processes are done correctly and well, the subsequent benefit of KM systems is easier and faster performance of work.

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