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• Posted by Md Santo on September 14, 2010 at 7:31am

o To get us more comprehensive in achieving our “learning how to learn” as one of our goals within our mission, our Social Networking Site (SNS) ‘Mobee Knowledge CoP’ – had been provided with more Folders or Tabs called as ‘Social Contextual Learning 2.0 Platform’ Folders. Almost all of the clickable items within the Folders derived from md_santo’s ( ) tweeted content generated from the SNS articles instead they are all had been Bookmarked at ‘Delicious’ Social Bookmarking platform

o With our ‘Social Contextual Learning 2.0 Platform’ including the following Folders or Tabs at Main Page and/or every page of SNS ‘MOBEE KNOWLEDGE CoP’ – , just click the Folder(s) to encourage your contextual learning :
Corp KM 2.0 in Practice generated from
Learning Objects KM2.0 generated from
Shifting Paradigm K&Sci generated from
Toward next Gen KM generated from
KM Metrics-Maps-Diagrams generated from
Our noted K-base generated from

o Description of Human Learning through Mobee Knowledge’s version stated that essentially it is comprised of three kinds of learning theories : Know-What, Know-How and Know-Where Learning respectively (source ). The following is in brief :
 Know-What Learning (Behaviorism Theory) + Know-How Learning (Cognitivism Theory) + e-Learning (emphasized on Multi Media) = Constructivism Theory
 Constructivism Theory + Social Media Platform (Connectivism / Collaboration + Navigationism / Interaction) = Social Learning = Social Constructivism Theory (Know-Where Learning)

o We do hope that exercising such as Social Constructivism Theory into practicing Social Learning as well as Know-Where Learning efforts such as our ‘Social Contextual Learning 2.0 Platform’ above mentioned as our Output, could encourage your Innovation capability as the Outcome

Happy Learning!

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