New online M&E Leadership in Learning Course

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Monitoring and Evaluation Leadership in Learning

Until today I have been a somewhat quiet observer to this group, but have gotten a lot out of the interactions I see come through my mailbox and on this site.

I am the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist with Global Research and Engagement at Washington State University. My team and I have pooled our collective experiences to develop an eight week online course that focuses on providing professionals with the skills they need to cope with complexity in M&E systems and to advocate for incorporating learning into programs to maximize successes. The course launches on September 11th and is limited to 25 registrants per offering; the initial offering has already begun to fill up.

You can follow the link below to the course registration. While this there is a fee to register, I hope that this post doesn't come across as an advertisement. My group genuinely feel that we are addressing a gap in the market for learning resources like this and a gap in skill sets that professionals working in M&E and knowledge management for development fields could benefit from. If you feel there is value in a course like this, please share widely with your networks. Our goal is to contribute to increase the number of programs being managed effectively and to build a network of professionals who continue to share and learn from one another.

Monitoring and Evaluation Leadership in Learning 

This eight week course is offered by Global Research and Engagement through Washington State Univeristy’s Global Campus, which provides technical support to both instructors and students, ensuring learner-focused outcomes for professional growth. Course content is designed with working professionals in mind and registrants can expect to spend 3 ½ to 4 hours each week working on this course. Each week focuses on building the skills leaders in the field of Monitoring & Evaluation need to work in the complex contexts that define development work. Course content is a mix of recorded lectures, discussions with your peers, readings, assignments based on real-world examples, and hands-on use of mobile data collection software that culminates in registrants actually doing work.

Best to you all!
Kim Castelin

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