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Social reporting from events - SDC experience

Hi everyone,


We at SDC have been experimenting with social reporting from events for roughly two years now, and a few weeks ago we did a first full-blown social reporting from a week long network meeting with roughly 70 participants. We just published a two-part experience capitalisation on our SDC Learning & Networking blog, thought some of you might be interested.


Adrian Gnägi wrote about the general organisational set-up (who, what and how), the characteristics of all the different media types we used, and about the cost-benefit ratio of social reporting as opposed to traditional written reports: 


Our reporting concept was heavily focused on using video as the primary reporting medium and training actual event participants to be video reporters. This was an ambitious set-up (just assigning a few professional video reporters to provide sleek products would have been easier), but it proved to be a real winner for the social dynamic of both the reporting as well as of the event. I wrote about our video-specific experience:


Feel free to comment! We're happy to learn from your experience as well...


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