Three varied (and I hope interesting) thought pieces

A recent email exchange with Eva reminded me that I have not been updating this space with some of the relevant blogs I've written over the past few months. Rather than reproduce them in full here's three of the highlights with links in case you are interested:

“Anytime, anywhere, any device”: Working smarter in a knowledge world

This draws on a SmartWorking Summit I attended which looked at the working environment of the future and how the role of Knowledge Workers needs to adapt to a changing world.

A case for raising ISO standards: an emerging KM driver

This piece seeks to raise awareness of the moves by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) to establish a set of Knowledge Management Standards. In it I suggest that the adoption of such standards has the potential to become a game changer for Knowledge Management professionals providing a clear rationale for future KM Programs.

Improvising in Oxford: techniques to change mindsets

After getting a 'tip off' from Nancy White I spent 2 days in Oxford with the Improv community learning / relearning many techniques and seeing how they might be applied in a KM environment.  In this article I share some of those techniques and my reflections on the role of Improvisation in getting people to change mindsets.

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