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Knowledge Management: Organisational Development

7 Feb 11, 2015
Communities of Practice as Knowledge Management Tool
by De-Graft Johnson Amenuveve Dei

Knowledge Management: Organisational Learning

13 May 31, 2018
Reply by Nancy White

Knowledge Management: Presentations

5 Dec 16, 2011
Ice breacker/Brain storming: SPIDER WEB
by Cecilia Ruberto

Knowledge Management: Research

20 Dec 21, 2017
With grateful thanks to Nancy White: "Maybe KM can be real!"
by Paul J Corney

Knowledge Management: Social Learning

2 Apr 12, 2009
Webpage on Social Learning and Reflective Practice
by kmfordev admin

Knowledge Management: Strategy or Project Implementation

6 Jun 15, 2017
Is climate change affected rural community alone or the global community in general?
by Ameyu Fekadu

Knowledge Processes

1 Jun 2, 2009
Knowledge management: research and applications
by kmfordev admin

Knowledge Processes: Capturing

8 Nov 10, 2010
Google Baraza and Knowledge Sharing in Africa
by John Gaynard

Knowledge Processes: Creation

3 Sep 17, 2015
knowledge Management
by Lucy Motimedi

Knowledge Processes: Dissemination

5 Mar 21, 2012
Agricultural Innovation Systems: An Investment Sourcebook
by Andrea Pape-Christiansen

Knowledge Processes: Generation

1 May 14, 2009
Knowledge management: research and applications
by kmfordev admin

Knowledge Processes: Learning

12 Nov 22, 2018
The Deployment and Adoption of E-Learning Systems in Ghanaian Universities
by De-Graft Johnson Amenuveve Dei

Knowledge Processes: Mapping

1 May 14, 2009
KnowMap Magazine
by kmfordev admin

Knowledge Processes: Reflective Practice

7 Jan 29, 2013
Les maisons du développement local: une innovation pour promouvoir le développement économique local
by Afrique Communication

Knowledge Sharing Approaches

15 May 9, 2011
transferring tacit knowledge: book of memories
by Paul J Corney

Knowledge Sharing Approaches: After Action Review

3 May 20, 2009
A Leader's Guide to After Action Reviews
by kmfordev admin

Knowledge Sharing Approaches: Capacity Development

6 Mar 5, 2017
Organizational Knowledge Sharing (OKS) Certificate Programs - World Bank + IKI-SEA - Bangkok
by Vincent Ribiere

Knowledge Sharing Approaches: Exit interviews

0 No activity yet

Knowledge Sharing Approaches: Facilitation

11 Aug 12, 2013
KM4Dev conversation summary: Creative ways of providing inputs to workshops and conferences beyond Powerpoint
by Ewen Le Borgne

Knowledge Sharing Approaches: Knowledge Fairs

1 May 21, 2009
Knowledge Sharing, Communities of Practice, and Organizational Change at the World Bank Group
by kmfordev admin


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