The training course suggests a framework for identifying policy goals, creating a plan of action, and effectively building your case for change. We have presented these concepts to you in a certain sequence. However, you may want to think of these ideas as building blocks that can be used as you find you need them. Advocacy rarely unfolds the same way twice and there is an element of unpre­dictability to advocacy that makes it both a challenging and an exciting approach to solving problems.


DURATION: 5 days


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  • Understand why advocacy and lobbying are important.
  • Identify your targets and your partners and learn how to approach your target group.
  • Identify your objectives and plan how to reach them.
  • Explore various channels of advocacy and tools to reach your objectives.
  • Create a realistic approach and structure for an advocacy process your organization can deliver.



Module 1: 

Understanding Advocacy and Lobbying

  • Defining advocacy and Lobbying
  • Benefits of advocacy and Lobbying
  • Building foundations for advocacy and Lobbying


Module 2:

Planning an Advocacy and Lobbying Campaign

  • Advocacy and Lobbying Campaign
  • Advocacy cycle
  • Advocacy Campaign Planning
  • Advocacy Action Plan


Module 3:

Advocacy Message Writing

  • Identify purpose
  • Identify readership/audiences 
  • Analyze the policy environment


Module 4:

Outlining an advocacy and lobbying strategy 

  • Select a message
  • Select target audiences
  • Structure the message


Module 5:

Finalizing an advocacy strategy 

  • Select roles
  • Identify key messages
  • Define advocacy activities

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