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“We are KM – regulated by Nature and by Nature we are KM model” ,

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 Human Senses (Peripheral Nerves System incl. Autonomic Nerve System) as Primary Human Knowing Tools producing “Knowledge with Lower Consciousness” (KLC)representing human sense-taste-feeling-feel-flavor-sensation (=human senses)


Weighted Score (WS) = 1.0 as value of KLC


 Human  Brain (Central Nerves System) as Secondary Human Knowing Tools producing “Knowledge with Medium Consciousness” (KMC)  representing human reason-mind-intellect-intelligence-way-idea (=human mind)



Weighted Score (WS) = 3.0  as value of KMC

 Human Genomic DNA (DNA Consciousness) as Tertiary Human Knowing Tools producing “Knowledge with Higher Consciousness” (KHC)representing human (free) will – desire – wish (= human conscience)



Weighted Score (WS) = 5.0  as value of KHC





 Physico – Chemical Interactions Level

 Biological Interactions Level

Nature with Higher Complexity Behavior Level




 Within Human System Biology-based KM (HSBKM) model framework,  KLC represented by KM Tools as Techno-based boundary KM covering  IT/ICT, Web 1.0 and 2.0 incl. Social Media platforms.  (Referred to “Machine or Techno Learning” or to Category 7.0 (PCF – APQC**) as corporate orientation)


Weighted Score (WS) = 1.0 as value of KM Tools representing the value of KLC


Within HSBKM model framework KMC represented by KM Process Framework as Human Mind-based boundary KM covering  Human (Tacit) Mind incl. Web 3.0 and/or Semantic Web including Artificial Intelligence (AI)  (Referred to “Individual Learning” or to Category  12.0 (PCF – APQC**) as corporate orientation)


Weighted Score (WS) = 3.0  as value of KM Process Frameworks representing the value of  KMC


Within HSBKM model framework KHC represented by KM Standards Culture and Value as Human Organizational (Collective / Social) Learning-based boundary KM covering  Codified / Explicit Knowledge, Human Social Behavior,     Organizational Culture (Learning Organization).  (Referred to “Organizational Learning” or to Category  1.0 – 2.0 – 3.0 – 4.0 – 5.0 – 6.0 – 8.0 – 9.0 – 10.0 – 11.0 (PCF-APQC**) as corporate  orientation)


Weighted Score (WS) = 5.0  as value of KM Standards Culture and Value representing the value of KHC



** Referring  to PCF – APQC = Process Classification Framework – American Productivity and Quality Center  as taxonomy of cross functional business process comprising 12 Categories :

1.     Develop Vision and Strategy 

2.     Develop and Manage Products and Services

3.     Market and Sell Products and Services

4.     Deliver Products and Services

5.     Manage Customer Service

6.     Develop and Manage Human Capital 

7.     Manage Information Technology

8.     Manage Financial Resources

9.     Acquire, Construct, and Manage Property

10.   Manage Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

11.   Manage External Relationships

12.   Manage Knowledge, Improvement, and Change 





http://bit.ly/mY6gXY  - “MAKING KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT BETTER  THROUGH KNOWLEDGEABLE CONCEPT”,  ..... By giving broad meaning the role of KM in nature,  therefore human Knowledge is the integral part of broad Nature Knowledge (Knowledge of Nature). Knowledge, either Human or Nature Knowledge by nature is dynamic entity continuum characterized as having consciousness element factor structure.  Human Knowledge and/or Nature Knowledge by nature either within quantum physics level or classical mechanic physics level, differentiated into infinite levels of consciousness,........


 .....Knowledge Management (KM) essentially is not management technique but behaving more as a living access mechanisms that can be used across any management tool type such as Total Quality Management, Learning Organization (Peter Senge’s Fifth Discipline), Benchmarking, Process Classification Framework, Business Process Reengineering, Balanced Scorecard, Business Intelligence, Information Management  including Social Media platforms etc. wherein each with their specific functions to be orchestrated under KM’s consciousness. So, here we put KM in incredibly broad meaning behaving as subject with higher level than any other management tool type which is treated only as object ( http://www.scribd.com/doc/28696847/How-to-re-postulating-the-paradi...   and/or http://mobeeknowledge.ning.com/forum/topics/repostulating-the-parad...  ).   

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