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PASSERELLES aims to bridge the gap between the world of research and analysis, on the one hand, and the field practice, on the other. It sets up a framework for debate, showcases and spreads the answers of the academic world to the big questions of development, and gives a voice to professionals in the trade. Its ultimate goal is to provide a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise. PASSERELLES will be a biannual magazine featuring in-depth thematic studies, which will focus both on inclusive financerelated topics and on ground-breaking subjects linking the new frontiers of development to the needs of inclusive finance.

Passerelles n°0 | Institutional autonomy in microfinance

The role of institutional autonomy in microfinance is the central theme of the first issue of Passerelles. A leading article by two experts in the field, Stéphanie Desfontaines and Luc Roullet sets the theoretical framework and puts forward a conceptual model to delimit and define institutional autonomy in microfinance. The study also looks at how the model can be applied to analyse the autonomy of two successful institutions: RCPB and Banco FIE.

In keeping with the values of sharing and dialogue, which are the cornerstones of Passerelles, the founders of these institutions (Alpha Ouedraogo for RCPB and Pilar Ramírez for Banco FIE) provide valuable input and present their approach to autonomy in microfinance.

Read it online here or download the PDF.


Date : October 2014

Language : english
ISSN : 2354-5429

Also available in french and in spanish

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