Social Bookmarking Apps Provide a New Knowledge Management Platform

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Why is bookmarking steadily ignored in the discussions of the knowledge management? I'd appreciate comments and suggestions.
Hi Nahum. I guess I'm sort of outside the KM mainstream, but bookmarking is very much alive and well in my practice, in the practice of many of my networks and with my clients. What I DO notice is that not everyone participates in social bookmarking... just a few. But those few are great scanners of things to share that benefit the larger group. So from a network perspective, not everyone has to DO it to benefit from it.

What is your experience? What causes you to observe that social bookmarking is ignored in KM?
Hey Nancy,
Thanks for your reply. I am an outsider to the KM mainstream myself, but I try to stay updated.
I agree with you that bookmarking is broadly accepted. Actually, I ran recently a small survey among my friends and colleagues about their bookmarking habits. Out of 64 respondents only 2 (roughly 3%) do not use browser bookmarking. However, only about 14% use a social bookmarking application to share their bookmarks.
Accordingly, I would expect the KM community to take a very serious look into bookmarking, social bookmarking – and especially into the so-called enterprise bookmarking, in order to seek for some practical solutions to problems. Unfortunately, I can see very little research in that area – and very little interest in it.
I am actually here, hoping to draw attention to this issue, and maybe find some people who would be interested in joining forces to research bookmarking in general, and the enterprise bookmarking in particular. To that purpose I also started my blog on that issue: Enterprise Bookmarking.
The Pareto distribution of the bookmark contributions, which you noticed in your reply, was established in an excellent research: "Games of tag: The rise and disappearance of enterprise collaborati... by Matt Moore. Few contributors bookmark most of the bookmarks, while the others simply use these bookmarks and only occasionally contribute. - This is a kind of research that I actually hope to do myself, and wish to find partners for that.

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