The next 4th era of Knowledge Management comes more naturally than current Knowledge Management era

  • Considering that Knowledge by any mean is an actionable variable attributed by consciousness factor, therefore  Knowledge Management (KM) understanding by the best way should  come in justification  within reach of Cognitive science, Neuroscience and Psychology study  as well. In brief, Cognitive science focusing structure in the mind and its computational procedures. Neuro science focusing on neural substrate of mental processes. Psychology focusing on mental  functions and behaviors. Such representation as the above mentioned only implemented  by what we called as Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSB_KM) framework model  


  • Later on  our definition of Knowledge rooted from the following solid postulates, firstly saying  “We are Knowledge Management (KM) regulated by Nature (Natural World), and by nature (character) we are KM model  and secondly   “The Universe or the Nature Knowledge is the source and center of Consciousness  instead of  “Mind brain or Human being is the source and center of Consciousness


  • By giving broadened meaning to Knowledge as the implication of the postulates above mentioned, and/or within beyond DIKW continuum and driven with trans disciplinary approach of work and study, we did reversed engineering applied to HSB_KM framework model toward (sub) quantum level of Physics and came up with living reality of 4th era of KM that consciousness could encounter physics scientifically and explained not as metaphysics issue or pseudo science anymore. See The Current and the Next (4th era) Knowledge Management trend  -   and The next 4th era of Knowledge Management comes more naturally -   



  • Such phenomenon that all creatures (for instance each electron knowing their function through their consciousness  to encircling the nucleus ot the atom) in nature having consciousness as the attribute of their knowledge, in Bahasa Indonesia we called it as “bertasbih to Nature”. Within our newly discovered basic science, Nature Knowledge Theory (NKT), we developed Knowledge Value (KV) as cosmological metrics beginning from KV = 10^-37 CEF (as Planck constant) where CEF stands for Consciousness Element Factor as measurement variable unit applied to DEF within Sub Quantum Mechanics (SQM) domain as basic building block elementary unit of universe  on the way through KV = infinite within Beyond Classical Mechanics (BCM).  


  • Nature Knowledge Theory (NKT) is New Basic Science within hierarchy of science discovered as the outcome of our long term transdisciplinary work and study (1975 – 2013). NKT function is to complementing integratedly the interaction of Physics with their environment by means of science. NKT generated from our “beyond Knowledge Management (KM) advanced study”  namely with regard to our framework model. The model which is called as Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSB_KM) developed on the base of Cognitive Neuroscience driven with consideration that Knowledge already attributed with Consciousness contrary different with Data and Information which are not yet attributed with Consciousness.  The main derivative of NKT is to redefine the paradigm of Formal Sciencewhich is by now regarded as the entity of Mathematics – Logic – Value  or called as New Integrated Formal Science (NIFS) . Furthermore based on the properties of NKT as “New Physics” which representing Matter and Energy as well as Consciousness (as the attribute of Knowledge which given broadened meaning within “beyond DIKW Knowledge Management” advanced study), we convinced that NKT will be encouraged  to perform as  M-theory* and / or Theory of Everything (TOE)

*M-theory :  a fundamental theory of Physics that is a candidate for Theory of Everything (TOE)


  • The above study regarded as evidence based phenomenon showing that knowledge could exist outside human minds is the key to revealing scientifically the secrets of Universe through the act of  linking up consciousness with physic or consciousness encounters physics. If we succeed to do that, then we could claim that only through KM we could  “fix the big mistakes in Science” or KM is key toward future science. BTW, it is prominently noted that  Nature Knowledge essentially is the third fabric (basic ingredient) of Universe beside Matter and Energy

  • The following attachments are examples of our different field of product knowledge driven by HSB_KM based NKT :

* Attachment 1(Environmental Science) : New approach in Environmental Science : Nature Knowledge Theory (NKT) consideration

* Attachment 2 (Risk Management ) : Our policy on Risk Management

* Attachment 3 (Theoretical Physics ) : Nature Knowledge Theory (NKT) based vs High Energy Physics based the Standard Model of Particle Physics :  the BIGBLOW vs the BIGBANG


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