Dalam rangka layanan kami ( ) dibidang ‘Knowledge Management’ dan ‘Organizational Learning’, berikut ini adalah produk-produk kami sendiri yang kami pakai untuk mendukung layanan kami tsb dengan penjelasan al sbb :

……The items below are some of ‘MOBEE KNOWLEDGE’ products of metrics, maps and framework diagrams. By approaching the use of metrics, maps as well as diagrams with a clear understanding of the issues and goals in Knowledge Management (KM), they can be a powerful way of setting targets, measuring success, and identifying problems as they surface…… as KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT MODEL DERIVED FROM HUMAN SYSTEM BIOLOGY as KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT MODEL DERIVED FROM HUMAN SYSTEM BIOLOGY (in MindJet Presentation) as KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 2.0 BASIC VISUAL MAP ( Announced at ‘Humanitarian News – News that Matters’, Dec 20, 2009 as ‘Web-based KM 2.0 Map’ - ) as KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 2.0 BEST PRACTICES VISUAL MAP as MOBEE KNOWLEDGE COMPETENCY AND CAPABILITY MATURITY (MKCCM™) MODEL as BLOOM’S TAXONOMY OF LEARNING RELATED WITH HUMAN SYSTEM BIOLOGY-BASED KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT (HSBKM©) MODEL as KNOWLEDGE IS THE EDGE OF SCIENCE as CORPORATE ASSETS MAP (partly in Bahasa Indonesia) as BALANCED SCOERECARD PERSPECTIVES RELATED TO PCF-DRIVEN VISION AND STRATEGY as COMPONENTS OF KNOWLEDGE AUDIT

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