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Researcher in open innovation and knowledge management

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Apply here: https://recrutement.cirad.fr/job/emploi-chercheur-e-en-gestion-des-...

Job description

In the agricultural sector, innovation occurs mainly through open processes that involve the creation of innovations across the boundaries of organizations through the sharing of knowledge, resources and opportunities within diverse communities of actors, from civil society and the private and public sectors. Strengthening the capacities of these actors to effectively manage such open processes of knowledge production and innovation is an important lever for rapidly developing innovative solutions in response to the “Great Challenges” in areas such as adaptation to climate change, agro-ecological transition, sustainable intensification of production and the circular economy.

You will join the SIRA team (Systems of Innovation and Research in Agriculture and the Agri-food Sector) at the UMR Innovation, a multidisciplinary team composed of researchers in management sciences and economic and social sciences who work on the design, support and evaluation of innovation in agriculture.

You will be responsible for producing knowledge and methodologies on and for open innovation and knowledge management in a variety of contexts. In particular, the following areas will be addressed: collective strategies and inter-organisational coopetition, inter-organisational management practices, knowledge sharing and learning processes in networks, innovation capabilities (absorption capabilities, dynamic capabilities, organisational capabilities, etc.), and innovation capacity development.

You will work in a multicultural environment, within CIRAD’s intervention research projects carried out in Southern countries with its partners.

You will also be required to: lead an international intervention research network in the field of open innovation and knowledge management, provide expertise to international organisations, provide training to professionals and students, and participate in the design and implementation of research projects within multi-actor partnerships.

Desired profiled

You ideally have a PhD (8 years post-secondary study) in management sciences or economic and social sciences, or you have 5 years post-secondary study and are in the process of defending a thesis in the aforementioned fields.

Research work is appreciated in the following fields: innovation studies, innovation networks, knowledge systems, innovation management, knowledge management, strategic network management, and innovation project management.

Additional training in agricultural development and the following professional experience will be appreciated:
- intervention research in the field of open innovation, support for innovative projects, capacity development for vulnerable actors and/or in the agriculture and agri-food sector.
- experience working in a Southern country in consultation with professional organisations (farmer organisations, NGOs, private companies, research centres, etc.) and/or international organisations in the field of agricultural innovation management and consultancy.
- teaching experience with  agricultural development and innovation professionals

The researcher will be on-boarded at CIRAD and will join a network of international partners. He/she shall have the following skills :

- Ability to work in a team and in a multicultural context 

- Motivation, self-direction and proactiveness 

- Methodological rigour, priority management and organisational skills 

- Proven aptitude for scientific publication 

- Good command of office automation tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) and comfortable using a variety of IT tools, software and the web ‒ for both data analysis and publishing

- A taste for facilitation and communication

- Good oral and written communication skills in English and French


The position will initially be based in Montpellier, then in the medium term (about 3 years), abroad, in one of the fields where the UMR is involved with its scientific partners (Africa, Asia, Latin America). Missions to Europe and Southern countries are planned from the first year.



Position constraints

Work at a computer screen for more than 4 hours a day

Work in tropical/humid/subtropical areas

Frequent travel in France and abroad

Socio-professional category


France base salary, excluding expatriation allowances if applicable

27-37 K€

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