In my world :-) I think two main things should be in place:
- Leadership needs to support knowledge management
- HRM systems need to support knowledge management

Without those two, your organization does not give knowledge management a chance to succeed. By using these two meta-approaches effectively, you have a chance of changing the organization's culture toward an environment where knowledge can flourish. But how must they address KM?

We all know that this is not simple. Everyone is different and every organization is different. So every organization needs a different approach. It is not 'one' intranet solution which fits all (D-Groups, Sharepoint you name it) or that best-practice processes sheet from the other organization you came across, that you can copy and everyone is immediately sharing and searching from then onwards. That is the difficult part.

However, I, as a knowledge manager :-), do strongly believe that if we share experiences and insights, we might learn more and more about the human side of KM and may be able to better address it in our own and other organization(s). So I hope that we'll have lively discussions here, unraveling ourselves basically ;-)

I propose to start with the way you address these issues in your own organizations. What approaches do you use?

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