The Human Factor in KM4Dev Members (81)

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Mark Hammersley

Windsor, Berks, United Kingdom

Rocio SAnz

Geneva, Switzerland

Christiansen Sava

Bucharest, Romania

Bianca Pedrini

Bonn, Germany

Muhammad Hedjvani

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Nadejda Loumbeva

Zurich, Switzerland

Karen Schmidt

Berlin, Germany

Bernhard Hack

Steyr, Austria

Gauri Salokhe

Rome, Italy

Oksana Buranbaeva

Bonn, Germany

Sophie Treinen

Rome, Italy

Peter J. Bury

Monte San Pietro (BO), Italy

Joel Muzard

Montreal, QC, Canada

Ian Thorpe

New York, NY, United States

AHM Bazlur Rahman

Lalmohan, Bhola-Bangladesh,…

Mario Gastaldi

Milano, Italy

Charles Dhewa

Harare, Zimbabwe

Piyoo Kochar

New York, NY, United States

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