KM Champions in Africa Workshop - Draft Agenda
Aprox. Time Morning
1 hour Introductions and Agenda setting
This session would include personal introductions from each of the participants, a warm-up workshop exercise to help each to get to know each other a bit better and finally a discussion and validation of the agenda.
1 hour Keynote Address: The relevance and importance of KM to African Institutions
Presentation by a thought leader who has been working on KM in Africa who can describe the challenges as well as opportunities to be had through exploring KM.
1 hour Table Discussions
The workshop will hopefully be organized with participants at tables of 6-10 people each. Participants will be asked to discuss at their table the key issues arising from the keynote address and come up with the top 3 or 4 issues to be addressed. 6"x8" cards will be provided for this exercise which should take about 20 minutes. Facilitator will then collect feedback from the table and collectively organize the ideas into themes.
3 hours Introduction to Storytelling
A lot of the workshop will be focused on getting the participants to share their experiences, both successes and failures in the implementation of KM. This afternoon session will be designed to help participants re-awaken their narrative skills. To achieve this participants will work through some exercises to limber up their storytelling capacities. Each morning and afternoon of the following two days will have a session on Telling Stories which will allow participants to relate their experiences from their organizations.
Approx. Time Morning
Participants will be asked to sit at different tables each day of the workshop to facilitate participant interaction.
1 hour Telling Stories
First storytelling session. We hope to be able to accommodate 5-6 storytellers per session with roughly 5-minute stories followed by an equal amount of time for questions. These stories could be linked to themes that emerged throughout the workshop.
1 hour Communities of Practice - Presentation
Establishing Communities of Practice has proven to be a very successful tool in implementing Knowledge Management. This presentation will explore the concept of Communities of Practice in detail. About 45 min presentation with 15 min Q & A.
1 hour Table Discussion on CoPs
Participants will be asked to discuss (at their tables) key challenges in implementing Communities of Practice within African institutions.
1 hour Telling Stories
Second storytelling session. Once again, 5-6 stories focused on experiences from participants' institutions.
1 hour Before, During, and After Learning - Presentation
Changing the way we look at learning and adopting new learning practices are key KM challenges. The presentation will focus on the rationale for a new approach to learning and success stories from the field.
1 hour Breakout groups on BDA Learning
Participants will be asked to discuss (at their tables) how some of these approaches might be successfully implemented within their institutions.
Approx. Time Morning
1 hour Telling Stories
Third Storytelling session. 5-6 stories focused on experiences from participants' institutions.
1 hour KM and Technology - What works, what doesn't - Presentation
Many KM initiatives fail because they focus too much attention on technological solutions. This presentation will attempt to appropriately situation technology within the KM context, looking at successes and failures.
1 hour KM and Technology Breakout groups
Table groups will discuss what the best technology options are within the context of their own institutions and what opportunities there are for sharing technologies and experiences among their institutions.
1 hour Telling Stories
Final storytelling session. 5-6 stories focused on experiences from participants' institutions.
20 min Getting Buy-in Presentation
Knowledge Management is a complex topic that is often requires time and investment to fully appreciate its implications and benefits. This presentation will focus on the key challenges in getting buy-in for KM and strategies that can help.
1 hour Getting Buy-in Breakout groups
Participants will discus (in tables) what strategies for getting buy-in will work best in their institutions.
20 min An African Community of Practice on KM?
Brief discussion to see whether the interest and will exist to create an African KM Community of Practice.
20 min After Action Review
Practicing what we preach, we attempt to learn from the process with a view to applying lessons learned for the next time. Results of the Chennai workshop After Action Review will also be reviewed.

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