A NATIONAL SPEECH DELIVERY DAY IN ACCRA, GHANA [a National Mental Health Activist] .

MENTAL HEALTH FUNDRAISING CRUSADE. The rate at which mental illness is invading the African countries needs much to be desired than to describe.
Time will tell when a concrete support could be sought to help curb the threats. Seemingly, mentally deprived individuals have been on the neglect for so long a time; and it is about time that we bring them under the warm umbrella of love and care.
People with mental burden are human beings like us. Therefore, they need our sympathy and affection to survive each day. More often, we carelessly and selfishly shun the company of People With Mental Disorder [PWMD] for the misconception that it is a taboo to talk or communicate to such people in the communities.
Actually, mental illnesses are silent but growing issues, which could cripple the socio economic growth and development of Africans, if awareness creation is over-looked.
We are eager to work in collaboration with corporate institutions to advocate for the need to support mental health care in the country, through reformation in mental health institutions, practices, care and support delivery.
The fact is each individual stand the risk of becoming mentally deranged [psychosomatic] irrespective of your socio-economic backgrounds. Such misfortune can possibly occur to you or me suddenly, if mental health check is not given a regular attention. Therefore, it is about time that we show our love and affections to mentally disordered patients indiscriminately.
As human beings, we all have our individual emotions that drive us in our life engagements, and in dealing with some of these life challenges, we are likely to produce threats and stresses that trigger our state of emotional imbalance. This also greatly affects our physical health status negatively, if nothing is done about the problem as early as practicable.
As a result, it would be appropriate to look for early solutions to deal with such situation.
All of these challenges tantamount to serious mental illness, which demand the immediate attention of a professional psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist to provide counseling and support. This alone unfolds the fact that, we are all at risk!
The nation has totally failed to address mental health issues, - and if care is not taken, mental illness in Ghana would become the 2nd largest non-communicable disease in Africa. This phenomenon has already begun manifesting in our lives, considering the socio-economic trends and environmental conditions that have taken toll in our lives, and is threatening our very existence.
Therefore, if today you are mentally sound, why don’t you support the mentally disabled to be able, for societal good and peace?
We need your assistance to empower us to tell the whole world that - “every disability is not a total inability”.

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