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Contribute to the overview of KM strategies!!!

This Google doc was sstarted as part of developing a KM4Dev journal article about KM strategies ( - it is far from being complete and getting more out-of-date by the day but there's a wealth of examples still.

In following the KM4Dev 2011 event, one session was about KM strategies and we thought it'd be a good idea to post this resource on NinG - for information and for further contributions.

(As I post…


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UNICEF-IRC launches ResearchWatch

Dear Colleague

With the aim of providing field staff and those working in development with access to some of the best thinking on key issues affecting children, UNICEF's Innocenti Research Centre launches ResearchWatch.

ResearchWatch (RW) will bring some of the best thinkers to be table on children’s research. It does so in a digestible, stimulating and bite-size…


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Hello km4dev World, my name is ...

Hello everyone, my name's David and......

...I trained as an architect, and though I loved the course I never had much love for being an architect.  Especially not one with a capital 'A'.

...I came to Taiwan to develop my teaching skills as there are many schools and opportunities, albeit in 'Teaching English'.

...being a techie in the office gave me more contact with others than any other role.  Who'd have thought that, eh?




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can cultural assets stimulate innovation: observations from ECCI XII in Faro

knowledge & innovation: can cultural assets stimulate innovation?

This was an interesting event made more special by a conversation over dinner with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi the thinker behind many of Sparknow's early direction on flow.

I hope my observations and illustrations of how Pringle…


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KM4Dev at the ShareFair

Want to know more about the Knowledge Management for Development Community (KM4Dev)? If you are at the ShareFair please join us at:

  • Our session on Thurs 29th September in the Dinning Room at IFAD at 14:00 “Building Knowledge Sharing out of Friendship: the KM4Dev Experience”. A handful of members will be sharing their stories of facilitating community and you’ll get a feel for how fun KM4Dev is.
  • You may also want to join the KM4Dev Core Group and other members…

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Demystifying Knowledge and Knowledge Management 2012

  • In attempt to give impressions how will Knowledge (K) as well as Knowledge Management (KM) in 2012 looks like, we have at least four articles with “2012” taggings for social bookmarking to  explaining the K and/or KM related environment most likely will tend to occur from our version.
  • We choose…

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Job Opportunity: Community Manager

Dexis Consulting Group is looking for a mid-level Community Manager for a new community of practice for professionals engaged in the area of public-private partnerships that are designed to help align public and private resources, expertise and networks to deepen international development impact.  The position is based in Washington DC.  Please contact Courtney Roberts at for more information.

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Is the only good knowledge, new knowledge?

“Many of the answers to major development challenges are already known,” states DFID in its Working Paper on Research Communication, “but the information is inaccessible, unusable, or unavailable.” With the largest collection of economic and social development materials in Europe presented on over four miles of shelving, the British Library for Development…


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pocket guide to story collecting I Helping International Centre for Tropical Agriculture capture stories from missions

Oftentimes we get approached to help with pieces of work/advice that fulfill more than one of Sparknow’s founding principles in this case, work that travels; work that benefits the global community.

This blog pocket guide to story collecting complements one written by Simone Staiger Rivas in which she…


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August, 2011 Top Content Articles of “Mobee Knowledge CoP”


1 Knowledge Management is SUBJECT, ALIVE and having CONSCIOUSNESS -…


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