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knowledge is vital for sustaianable and economic growth of the global village. It is used daily to pursue organisational decisions and is also used as reference and in so doing the organisation can be able to forsee the future ahead. Both tacit and explicit knowledge needs to be nurtured and preserved.

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What KM or development features are missing on Koios.org?

koios.org is to be a collaborative tool for solving complex social problems.

You can read all about the project on the Koios website.

At the moment we are in a brainstorming phase and we would like to hear your ideas. Whats missing on Koios? Any other feedback is also welcome.


Best regards

Koios project manager

Roy Lachica

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Social media for activism – Driver for societal change or overhyped myth?

For a while now I am following what seems to be a trench battle between the so-called “cyber-utopians”, who see social media as the guarantor of a new age of equality, democracy and civil rights, and the critical skeptics who point out that they’ve seen it all before and who see social media as an overstretched hype with no real impact on the real world.

The Arab Spring and the related media coverage regarding the role of social media have surely added a new quality to the…


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knowledge management strategy aspects

You will find that there are various types of KM strategies of which emphasise different aspects of knowledge management:

 some organisation focuses on the knowledge

some focuses on business processes or areas

some focuses on the codified  and others on  personalised knowledge management.

while other companies focuses on the end results.

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knowledge management strategy

in organisation knowledge management strategy is the plan that describes how an organisation will manage its knowledge better for the benefit of the organisation and other stakeholder.


it has to address the real needs and issues of the organisation

it should be based on a holistic approach

it should identify key staff groups for example front line staff, administrative and support staff, line managers and IT staff.

It should have a right approache this…


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Personal knowledge management

what is your understanding concerning personal knowledge management?

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knowledge portal

what exactly do you understand about knowledge portal, do you think it is so good to be implemented into your organisations?

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Knowledge evolved (as subject) or Knowledge created (as object)?

The Essence of Knowledge Sharing  viewed from Human System Biology-based KM (HSBKM) model framework is the interaction among Human Senses – Human Mind – Human Conscience within  level  of Human Knowledge as well as the interaction among Machine Learning (Technology) – Individual Learning (Process) – Organizational / Collective Learning (People) within level of…


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