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Higher Education and Knowledge Management in the Post MDGs World

This post was originally published by theCouncil on Foreign Relations. The post-Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) framework…


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The Responsibility to Use Information

By Blair Glencorse and Narayan Adhikari. The Right to Information (RTI) or Freedom of Information (FoI) movement has made huge strides since the first FoI law was enacted in Sweden in 1766. Freedom of Information was included (as Article 19) in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, described by…


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Re-Imagining the Relationship of Citizens to Power-Holders Through “Accountapreneurship”.

Spending time on the ground in countries like Liberia and Nepal, it soon becomes clear that despite good intentions, we still have very little idea how best to support the accountability of power-holders to citizens. There are hundreds of organizations working on corruption, transparency and accountability (words which are themselves confused and used inter-changeably); but…


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Accountability Innovations We Love No. 6: E-Participation

E-governance initiatives, heavily touted as the ICT revolution took off in the past decade, have generally not lived up to expectations or functioned as effectively as hoped by many citizens. A number of these initiatives famously drew in significant amounts of public funds but produced online systems that were difficult to use, over-priced and based on clunky back-end architectures. Many of those projects that did work were not so much examples of e-governance as “i-government”- through…


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