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#KM4Dev2016 events in Vienna visualized

Come and slideshow thru the recent events in Vienna around Knowledge Cities, Knowledge Republic, Knowledge Development Goals, Knowledge Agenda and the reinvigorated KM4Dev Core Group! Choose slideshow, relax and let yourself immerse...

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KM4Dev at #KCWS2016

Follow and react on events thru #km4dev2016 across social media:

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KM4Dev meets in Vienna 15 Oct 2016, join the group!

Join our group here on the Ning, so we all know who is coming!

All information about the various events in Vienna here on our Wiki.…


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KM4Dev in Vienna : information now updated

Information now updated.

Don't hesitate to write to with you questions.

If you like to actively contribute to preparations, programme, presence, facilitation, and more, consider to join the Googlegroup created for this purpose.

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KM4Dev gathering at the KM-A event in Vienna

Hi all

We warmly invite all KM4Dev members to consider becoming active in one way or the other in the preparations and/or actual face2face gathering of our community at the KM Austria events in Vienna taking place from 12-15 October 2016!

Express your interest and participate via this group…


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Being on KM4Dev is also fun :-) (2)

Do you have a profile on that looks like this?

Would you like to share a more personalized profile picture (yourself, a selfie, an alterego, ... )? 

Go to you 'Me' (see taps above) and update yourself!

Ciao ~…

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Being on KM4Dev is also fun :-)

Hi all, recently instigated by people like Nancy and Jaap (don't know them? try to look them up!), I changed the colors and the logo. Ah the logo... that is an old story... 

Anyway I intend to be more often here and share my thoughts on this amazing community and its tools to make our being here (not only lurkingly but also actively learning and sharing) fun.

Like it? Some suggestions on this? Go ahead! - Peter

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Donate! to KM4dev to allow us to do more.

The donate! page is up and running. Read why we set up this facility and consider engagement!

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about the public KM4dev calendar

The public KM4dev calendar is managed by core group members. Feel free to ask questions or comment this calendar.

Note that the calendar offers various views and other options, including print. Experiment!

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Review your profile regularly

...and... make it friendly :-) 

why not add a profile picture, any picture that represents you on this platform.

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KM4Dev a dispersed community? Members, an appeal!

Dear all

I happen to be on the Core group since some years. I participated in 3 KM4Dev face to face events. I sit on the 3 persons steering group of the CTLab activity running this year (2012). I volunteer regularly as monthly KM4Dev administrator (mainly to manage the dGroup). I think I contribute regularly on various conversations within our community...

There is the word: community

And yet... after so many years I'm still not sure whether KM4Dev is, what I…


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WASHuddle agenda

In the end we were only a small group. Too bad Shamila from Wateraid and two WSMP colleagues from Ghana didn't manage to join the event.

Here our on-site amended agenda

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KM4dev2009 FLICKR pictures

My collection is now complete.
Video's will follow soon.


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Social reporting using video

After some very - but very basic - basic editing, I'm just now uploading my first social reporting in the form of a video reportage of the 'get to know your KM4Dev community buddies' bingo 2009! Need to find a more serious, but hopefully shareware video editing tool, to make the video's more appealing to watch. Go to the video directly: click here.

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Will KM4Dev become Ning only?

Curious to find out whether we as KM4Dev community will end up doing all virtual stuff on Ning only!? What do you think?

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Donate !

We all get a great deal out of our engagement in KM4Dev. Maybe you would be happy to express appreciation through a regular voluntary contribution. Crowd funding works! 

background and info



note if the donate link above does not work for you, click here on donate! and at the bottom of that page click on the donate logo



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