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Knowledge City World Summit 2016 Knowledge for Development, Vienna, 12-14 October 2016

Please download the programme here:


Please follow the programme link:  http://…


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StayConnecteD4Dev: Community Learning Center

StayConnecteD4Dev: Community Learning Center is a cloud-based solution to promote education,  measurement of impacts,…


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It's really amazing..

It's really amazing the things we can achieve when we build an environment that allows for others to explore their abilities and create  awareness about Development matters. Please sign in our membershipform:…


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Thank you very much. Happy holidays Season & Happy New Year!

Thank you very much. Happy holidays Season & Happy New Year!
See more at:

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Do you want to help?

The NGO KFDWB is setting up a Technical Project Team. Please complete the recruitment form  to communicate your interest.

FKFDWB is actively seeking to co-operate with like-minded Human Development institutions, Agencies, Foundations, Universities, New Emerging Development Actors, Research Centres and Private Industries in the Design, Implementation and Funding of innovative Development Aid Support Project that supports the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the…


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Development Aid Support

I have become part of a new project that members of this group may be interested in. Development Aid Support is an initiative devised by an NGO based on Vienna called Knowledge for Development Without Borders (KFDWB). The mission of KFDWB is to identify current development issues and development best practices on the ground and to make this knowledge available to development organisations and local and national responsible bodies in order to highlight and alleviate the problems at a…


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The platform of Knowledge For Development Without Borders

I am proud to inform all the group member about the launch of Knowledge For Development Without Borders, a Global Services Support worldwide for through the promotion of simple and good practices of the Millennium Development Goals(MDGs) to reach sustainable, worth-living integrated development.

See detail:

A group of…


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We are lacking of the right delivery process and not of practical knowledge for development

The objective of this paper is to respond to the angoisse - at the end of the day, we can say we provided practical knowledge, we achieved results, however no one is happy and the solution becomes unsustainable  - A situation that makes development delivery complex and unconfortable.

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Donate !

We all get a great deal out of our engagement in KM4Dev. Maybe you would be happy to express appreciation through a regular voluntary contribution. Crowd funding works! 

background and info



note if the donate link above does not work for you, click here on donate! and at the bottom of that page click on the donate logo



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