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Research to Action website survey

Research to Action is currently conducting a website survey as we gear up for phase 2 of the initiative. If you are familiar with the website we would be most grateful if you could provide some feedback. It will only take 3-5mins and would be massively valuable to us!

You can access the survey here:…


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Kstar has landed! But what is it???

There is an event currently underway in Hamilton, Canada that brings together Knowledge practitioners from many different sectors to explore the concept of 'Kstar'. For those of you new to the concept, the following video provides a useful intorduction to the term:


It would be really interesting to…


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Key questions to ask when putting together a Theory of Change for Research Uptake (Part 1 of 2)

It’s amazing how the process of answering simple questions can help you uncover so much complexity. It’s rather like a child lifting a large stone to reveal all kinds of creep crawly things that they never knew existed. Unfortunately, when developing a Theory of Change (ToC) we don’t have the choice, like children, to leave those things alone we don’t like the look of. Developing a ToC gives us the opportunity to address problems, complexity, and opportunities that exist…


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Research Communications and Uptake Survey: Unpacking the Results

Conducting the Research Communications and Uptake Survey provided a fascinating insight into the current ‘state of play’ between what people think they know about research communications and uptake, and what they would like to know more of. This survey was conducted during the first two weeks of September 2011 and returned over 100 responses. It would be wonderful if these results were the impetus behind a wider discussion,…


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New report seeks to strengthen the research to policy and practice interface

It is great to see DFID getting behind the issue of research uptake via a new report that provides insights on how researchers and communication specialists can engage with decision makers and ensure that research has the impact that it should. The report, made up of a series of open access articles in…


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‘Theories of change’: An expanding resource list

We have developed the following list of resources for those researchers and organisations looking to develop a ‘theory of change’ for their work. As we recently announced on R2A all new DFID-funded Research Programme Consortia are required to develop a theory during their inception phase. We will add to this list overtime as we become aware of other resources. If you think we have missed something that would be useful to others please let us know.



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Donate !

We all get a great deal out of our engagement in KM4Dev. Maybe you would be happy to express appreciation through a regular voluntary contribution. Crowd funding works! 

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