CGIAR and partners 'Facilitation Survey - Please help us and fill it out by 20 October :)

Dear all, 

A number of CGIAR KM/comms/learning folks (Cristina Sette, Peter Ballantyne, Petr Kosina, Michael Victor and myself, under the lead of Simone Staiger and with inputs from a couple of others including Nadia Manning-Thomas) have developed a survey for which we would love to get answers from CGIAR folks and partners (involved in CGIAR events) by October 21: 

More and more meeting and event organizers across CGIAR are employing facilitation professionals and facilitation methods to enhance the effectiveness of their meetings and events. 

The objective of this survey is to analyze the evolution, added value, lessons learned, and current trends of facilitation within CGIAR. 

Generally, facilitation techniques aim to improve the way people meet, engage, think collectively, and shape or make decisions. Facilitation, virtual or face-to-face, supports activities such as project design, planning and review, stakeholder consultation, brainstorming, internal meetings, or communities of practice. Facilitation plays important roles in the functioning of innovation and R4D platforms or networks. 

This survey is directed to:

- facilitation practitioners, 
- non-specialists who do some facilitation, 
- people who participate in meetings or events that are facilitated. 

The focus is on CGIAR and partner organizations.

The conclusions of the analysis will be shared in form of a publication in the Knowledge Management for Development Journal (KM4Dev Journal) to be published in 2015. 

Thank you for your participation in this survey, which should be possible in a 15-minute span.

Please reply before October, 21 2014

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