Community Media News Agency: News on different events are being produced at national level every day. Many important decisions are made at Ministries and in Ministerial meetings which deal the interests of the grassroots community and development of their region. A News Agency will be formed very soon to collect the news and take steps to immediately disseminate through community radio. Primarily, this has been named as "Community Media News Agency", which is likely to start working from January 2013.Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) has taken initial steps to form this News Agency, which will be primarily operated from BNNRC Shamoli office. This has been recently informed by Mr.AHM Bazlur Rahman, CEO of BNNRC. He told more on Community Media News Agency functions as: "Every day development news will be collected from different departments of the govt.Press Information Department (PID) and govt-run news agency BSS will help in this process.Besides, news will be gathered from different other sources. This news, after being edited will come out through 4/5 news bulletins every day. These bulletins will be sent to different community radio stations in the country. The Radio stations will select preferred news, incorporate in their daily news and broadcast. They will have freedom of choice in selection and broadcasting process of their development news."Mr.Rahman added further that the recent workshop on development news for the community radio station manager organized by BNNRC has inspired all the radio stations to take up development news very seriously. It seems that all the radio stations (presently only 4-5 stations do) will broadcast this type of news, which will create demands of the development news. The BNNRC News Agency Bulletin may take an important role to fulfill this demand. Not only the news of national level, in a reciprocal way, the community radio stations will also send different types of news of national interest to the Community Media News Agency, those (after selection) again be circulated within other community radio stations, public service broadcasting, private radio stations and even in international radio stations. This interactive process will bridge the local context to international arena.

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