Day 1 of the 'Knowledge for Development Global Partnership Conference'

Text by Melba Alvarez Pagella, IFAD. Twitter @Alvarez_Pagella

Photos and edition by Cesar Robles, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation. Twitter @cesarroblesb

The Global K4D Conference kicked off the first day, 3 April 2017, with opening remarks by high-level representatives of the United Nations, the International Labour Organization, the International Atomic Energy Agency, Permanent Representatives to the UN from the United Arab Emirates and Austria, and a knowledge ecologist who spoke on behalf of Knowledge Management Austria (KMA) and KM4Dev Community. It was highlighted that the Conference is a multi-stakeholder partnership for knowledge in the world and that effective knowledge management is vital for success.

In the first Session, two flagship documents were introduced. First, the Joint Inspection Unit launched its 2016 Report of the “Knowledge Management in the United Nations System,” which highlights best practices and recommendations. The second document, the “Agenda Knowledge for Development” was presented by Andreas Brandner, from KMA. This Agenda brings a new and integrated view on the challenges and opportunities related to knowledge and provides orientation to all stakeholders in the field of development. After this session, the inauguration of the Knowledge for Development Partnership was celebrated in the presence of the global K4D Community with alphorns playing.


In Session 2, good practices in knowledge management from the UN system were presented by the United Nations Development Programme, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the International Labour Organisation, the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Session 3 was dedicated to an open discussion on measuring the impact of knowledge management. Speakers included representatives from the Joint Inspection Unit, the Swiss Knowledge Management Forum, the Austrian Court of Audit and a professor at the University of Lund, Sweden.

The last Session was a Ceremony  to present two 2017 Knowledge Management Awards. The organisational award was presented to Dr. Petru Dumitriu, recognising the work of the Joint Inspection Unit in raising the profile of knowledge management in the United Nations and the individual award was presented to Lief Edvinsson, Professor at the University of Lund, Sweden.

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