Excess production of foods: brings positive or negative impact for farmers???

Recently in Bangladesh, some agricultural farmers showed their agitation against the government by through tons of paddy in the main road of capital city. The cause of their grief was that, they couldn’t make profit by selling paddy due to the high production costs and also excess production of paddy in this year. In last winter some vegetable farmers also through tons of tomato in the roads of several cities of Bangladesh due to same cause. When supplies of paddy exceed the demand then the farmers fall in a big trouble, their production become loosing concern!!!

Every farmer, also the government of every country, wishes to produce excess production of crops and foods in every year. It helps the poor farmers to earn more money and they can lead their life smoothly and gracefully. By earning more and more money everyone can gradually abolish their poverty. So, everyone wish to earn more money. It is also very true that excess production of crops is one of the most valuable indicators of creating and establishing food security for a country. And it helps to reduce food prices. So the government of any country wants and waits for excess production of any crops, foods and any other productive goods. It is true that when food or any goods prices are stay in lower position then every people of a country can increase their savings of money and solvency, lead their life in more pleasantly and it is very much helpful for poor people to lead a good time and reduce poverty by saving more money. People of those countries are happy and please to their existing government in that time.   

Excess production of crops and foods helps the government and also the businessman to preserve more and more foods for future.

But is it brings always positive and helpful result for every farmer especially in undeveloped and developing countries?

Maybe it is not. Developed countries have the sufficient capacity and mentality to give subsidy to the farmers to reduce their production costs. But it is not so easy to execute in undeveloped and developing countries. Because of, they have no sufficient capacity to subsidize the poor farmers due to their economic condition. Sometimes the mentalities of those governments are not friendly for poor farmers rather than the middle men/brokers or businessmen who are the partisan of those governments. Corruption is one of the main obstacles for every kind of good actions in those countries.

When the production costs of crops exceed the selling prices then the farmers suffered. They lose their money rather profit. It is very hard to gain benefits of excess production for them. They become disappointed. So some of them quit to another job or work and some feel hopeless for their future cultivation. These can’t bring good for future production for any country.

If the government wishes to solve these problems and wants to continue the excess production of crops for build up a strong food security for their country, they should work friendly for their farmers not for their so-called partisans who work as a middle men, brokers or businessmen and wear away the profits.

The government of undeveloped and developing country like Bangladesh can do something good for farmer and agricultural labors.

  1. They can give subsidy on production costs of crops.
  2. Government can take initiatives lending Agricultural sector Microcredit and SME loan where interest rates will be lower and reasonable and opportunity for grace period in repayment the loan to lender.
  3. Government starts or manages micro insurance, crop insurance etc for farmer and agricultural labors.
  4. Fix up selling prices which are profitable for farmers. And should take proper initiatives so that the government institutions and businessmen willing to buy crops and foods in those fixed prices.  
  5. The government should collect and preserve more crops and food items for future by buying those items in that fixed prices.
  6. Export the excess foods and crops and earn foreign currency to strong the economic conditions.
  7. Government can encourage the private sectors, businessmen to collect, preserve and export the excess foods and crops.
  8. Government should think about the farmers not for its partisans. It should do everything in favor of farmers, labors and producers.

Everyone should realize that if our farmers live fine then we live also fine. Because of, they produce foods for us and we live on its.

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