[HimalAndes Focused Conversation] Case 3: Call for Action and community engagement

Dear Colleagues,

The case study submitted by Dr Alton Byers (TMI)  describes the efforts on international collaboration and knowledge sharing between experts from different mountain regions, including Himalayas, Andes, Central Asia, European Alps.

By way of summary;  in September 2011, an Andean-Asian Glacial Lake Expedition was conducted to Imja glacial lake in Mt. Everest region of Nepal, to share experiences in control and management of dangerous glacial lakes.

In July 2013, more than 60 experts spent 10 days in Cordillera Blanca (Peru) at the HiMAP Glacial Flooding and Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Exchange and Field Training workshop. The group spent three days trekking to Lake Palcacocha, Peru's most dangerous and unstable glacial lake.

I would like to comment that I feel the author is raising the attention of the international community on the need to promote further practical engagement between existing networks and Communities of Practice in mountain regions.

The paper also highlights the key points that communities themselves should be engaged  as they are under direct threat. Communities of Practice (CoP) should work together to find practical solutions to these issues which will also have obvious benefits for communities facing similar issues in all mountain areas. All those involved in HiMAP should be congratulated and supported in this important initiative.

Best regards,

Dr. Ana Maria Ponce

KM4Dev Core Group

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