Involving local people in local development initiatives

Everyone knows that without infrastructure development, no country can alleviate poverty; also, business, export-import and every kind of government and non-government works can’t go in the smooth way. The Government of developing and under developed countries has poor capability to do infrastructure development in their every area at a time being their financial crisis. However, everyone knows that infrastructure developments are the main factors of the economical growth for any country. If a country tries to upgrade their position from developing country to developed country, they must do the infrastructure development in their every area including rural areas. In addition, it should improve the political and social sensibility and atmospheres towards country’s development. We know that political problems and unfavorable mind of politicians and political organizations for country’s development are the prior problem for development activities of those countries. In many countries, these are the main obstacles of development. 


In this perspective, people especially youths of a country can play a vital role for development of their country. However, Government of those countries has no sufficient money for do the development work in every sector and every area at a time, than people of those countries can take initiatives for some small types development activities. For that, peoples should be united at first and than take decision what should be done.


Suppose, in a rural area, there are need to repair or make a new road suitable for walk and traffic or an educational institution or dam in the bank of a river, or any other infrastructure development, people of those area can take unite effort to do this types of development program. They need to start a group, create a committee that is formatted by some honest men, teachers, social persons, good political men, students, service holders, labors and professional persons of every sector but free from any types of politics. One of them selected or elected for Convener, two co-conveners and others are member and one of the honest committee members would select for finance secretary. This committee must be accountable to the local people. All decisions should take by the local people to meet the local needs. They can select some senior peoples for advisory board. 


At first, they need to find out the real problem or their needs, ready their plan and budget for solve this and how many peoples and days need to work there for finished that work. Some people give land (if searched, we find out many persons who are interested to donate their land for a better work in every area) and equipments and materials (which are useful for those development program), some people shared and contribute money as his or her ability, some work mentally and physically etc. This group or committee collects labor, money and equipments from those area’s peoples/inhabitants. If a group of people of a area take unite and good initiatives for their local development than most of the inhabitants support it and try to involve themselves in this types of development programs for solve their own needs.


Our youths can play a big role to take initiates for such types of development programs. They can encourage the local people to start a thus types of programs and unite them. NGOs, social organizations and Government also can encourage local people through increase their consciousness and build awareness publicizing about this matters.


If it is possible to start some small development works by engaging local people in mentally, physically and financially, I think the development programs run swiftly and it is more positive for the developing and non-developed countries to properly proceed the development works. And by doing this they can relief the Govt. and Govt. get opportunity to concentrate for big infrastructure development. Economical growth and human development indicators increase swiftly by this ways when people of those countries involve themselves in the development activities. It can help to continue the good relationship among the all-local peoples. We should think about it and work for it and take proper initiatives to build up awareness for that like Participatory Local Development and propagating it’s positive result, advantage and effectiveness; local people will cordially receive it and involve themselves to success thus types of initiatives.        

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Comment by Nguti Jackson Munyasya on April 8, 2013 at 8:25am

Thats good for all communities aspiring to excel, there many things a coomunity can achieve by uniting and doing things together.A good article!

Comment by Rose Martin on April 3, 2013 at 4:15am

I love hearing stories about how local governments of underdeveloped countries try hard to catch up with economical progress. It's true that even if they have no means, as long as the people are intact, development is possible. It's probably better to depend on each other than relying on the aid of outside investors who normally don't really care about anything else but to make profits.

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